By Yolanda Suarez, NVOP Interim President and CEO

Please be informed that the NVOP has been successful in having a street named after our long time President/CEO, Carlos Martinez in San Antonio, Texas.  Thanks to the assistance of Dixie Maddox and Robert Flores assisting in this challenge.  This process had to go thru numerous steps with the U.S. Postal Service, and two other departments with the City of SA before it would get to the San Antonio City Council Members for review and approval.

On April 8th I attended the City Council meeting with other staff and Carlos’s family to wait for the outcome of action item #21-2594 – Ordinance approving the street name change of a portion of South Medina to Carlos Martinez Drive. This area is located between Tampico Street and Chihuahua Street right outside the VETS Box Manufacturing Plant owned by the NVOP.  The City Council were very complimentary of the boss’s contributions for the last 48 years and this action item was approved.

This is only a small demonstration of the how grateful I am and we all should be to Carlos Martinez, President/CEO from 1974 to August 4, 2020.  Naming the street next to a business he created is most appropriate.  I hope that this street will exist for generations to come.  He deserved this and many more accolades.  He made the American GI Forum National Veterans Outreach Program, Inc. what it is today and we all are the benefactors of his visionary accomplishments.

I am in a euphoric state at this very moment for Carlos Martinez’s legacy and his family.