AGIF – Texas

2020 Pancho Claus Christmas Program Declared a Success Despite Covid Pandemic

American GI Forum of Texas, Inc. Report: SAN ANTONIO, Texas: The Pancho Claus Christmas Program (PCCP), sponsored by the Miguel Hernandez Memorial Chapter of the American G I Forum, distributed turkeys with all the trimmings to over 60 families on Saturday, December 19 at the Good Samaritan Service Center  in San Antonio. Christmas gifts and over 25 bicycles were given to over 300 children in these families… read more

A Tribute to Carlos Martinez, President / CEO of NVOP

The American GI Form National Veterans Outreach program has lost Carlos Martinez, President and CEO, a visionary and an outstanding leader. The NVOP under his leadership gained National recognition for accomplishments and will continue to honer the work and legacy of Carlos Martinez for his years of service and decication of service to veterans… read more