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AGIF National Updates For 2018:
70th National Conference in San Antonio, Texas July 26-28

American GI Forum of Texas, Inc. Report: AUSTIN, Texas – The American GI Forum of Texas, Inc. is pleased to invite you to join us in San Antonio, Texas for our 70th Annual National Conference. The American GI Forum meets every year to address important issues impacting our veteran’s community. With the theme of Celebrating, Seven Decades of Serving Veterans and their Families.” We will honor and pay tribute to Carlos Martinez, AGIF/NVOP President and CEO. 

Our conference brings delegates from throughout the nation and attracts many participants including top government, business, labor and community leaders for 4 days filled with renowned speakers, moderators, plus celebrities and exciting entertainment. At the Conference, you can expect to hear from members of Congress, Cabinet Officials, local elected officials, academic experts, and respected business and community leaders.

AGIF delegates will once again establish policy priorities and elect the organization’s national leadership for the following year. Seminars and workshops will feature expert panelists addressing the issues that affect our Veterans most and issues of concern to Hispanics ranging from immigration, education to health care, housing and civil rights, provide our emerging leaders with workshops on community service, leadership development, career opportunities and advocacy training. 

In 2018 San Antonio, Texas will be celebrating its 300th anniversary. One of our oldest cities in the U.S. We can look back in time to Colonial Spanish days at San Antonio’s five 18th-century missions that spread European culture and converted the native people to Christianity— forever changing the face of the Southwest. Wander the streets of La Villita, one of the first Spanish settlements, and later home to German and French pioneers. Or, head to the King William neighborhood, a national historic district lined with impressive restored homes. Sit at the bar in the Menger Hotel where Teddy Roosevelt recruited his “Rough Riders” years before. Shop at the famous Market Square, have dinner on a boat along the River Walk, visit the Alamo, take a casual walk or simply enjoy Mexican, Tejano or Country Music--all uniquely Texas. 

We are planning plenty of entertainment that will including mariachi band, folklorico dancers, karioki and a dance with a live band following the commanders' banquet. We promise plenty of food, refreshments and good times with old friends and perhaps new aquintances.

The 70th Annual Conference will feature our corporate partners, government agencies, colleges and universities, our Armed Forces, and non-profit organizations displaying their products and services while recruiting Latino employees at our job connection exhibits. Click here for complete information and updates.

Additionally, the AGIF will hosts a special Luncheon and Reception for Our Honored Guests, Carlos Martinez. The VA, DOL, SBA and our National Veterans Outreach Program (NVOP) will host workshops for job seekers looking for opportunities. We will also be visiting and touring the NVOP Facilities and Residential Center. 

Texas CEO Gil Rodriguez, Lupe Rodriguez Conference Chair and the committee have been working to make this a successful conference. Our Website, which has been our best means of communicating has had some glitches with photos and some art work. We have had problems with our new server, and are working the problem and as soon as it is completely funtional we'll ask you to please navigate through the informational pages and find out about all the activities planned especially for you. We also have some historical photos that you will not want to miss. Please bear wilth us for a few more days.

Please review information below and make plan to join us at our National Conference as we celebrate "7 years of service to Veterans and their Families." 

Lupe Rodriguez, Conference Chair 

Conference Information:

Headquarters Hotel : Wyndham San Antonio Riverwalk – 
111 E. Pecan Street, San Antonio, TX  78205
AGIF has reserved a block of rooms at special rates o $119.00 sgle/dbl until June 22, 2018.
Reservations (888) 623-2800; Direct: (210) 354-2800

Please identify yourselves as members of the AGIF. Reservations at: www.wyndham. We will provide you with a code as soon as it is available.

Registration Forms, you may download from our website, Soon you may Register on line, E-mail or call the State office. Updates will be posted regularly as soon as our server is back to 100%. We will also be mailing informational packages to each state commander, chairs and board members. 

Checks Payable to:

AGIF/US –2018 National Conference and mail to:
1000 Brazos, Suite 200
Austin, Texas 78701
Attn: Lupe Rodriguez
Hdqtrs: (512) 992-7066
E-mail: stateoffice@agiftx.com

Pre-Registration Prior to July 14, 2018 Forum/Women $ 225.00. On-Site & After
July 14, 2018, 250.00; Youth Members $200.00; Non-Members 260.00 On-Site & AfterJuly 14, 2018, 260.00.

On Line Registration will be available beginning December 1st. Hotel On-line registration will also be available for those wanting to register early.

What's New in 2018–To Continue meeting the Challanges 

American GI Forum of Texas, Inc. Report: AUSTIN, Texas – We are in almost a month into the New year and have returned to work. As we look back upon this past year, there have been many challenges that we have overcome and still more that must be resolved. But with the resiliency of our organization, we are up to the task and understand now more than ever the importance of our work. 

First a reminder that Dues and State and National Charter renewals are due the 1st of the year. Many of you have already complied and we are doing our job of transmitting all information and monies to the National office. If Charter renewals are not in by the 31st of January, the National office will access each delinquent chapter $10.00 per month for late accessments. Chapter transmittals must be complete with all elected officers of the chapter.  This must be done as soon as possible.

Secondly, let us renew our commitment to our organization. we will be celebrating 70 Years on March 26. Our work is serving and advocating for veterans, that’s what it is and that’s what it’s always been. There are 21.8 million veterans in the United States. Because of our work, we relate to them, see them, and interact with these heroes every day. They are parents, siblings, spouses, friends, family members and coworkers; there are also some congressmen and congresswomen. There are currently 80 veterans serving in the 115th Congress, including Scott Taylor from Virginia, the only Navy Seal in the House of Representatives, and Martha McSally from Arizona, the first female fighter pilot after the ban was lifted in 1991. Our veterans are the protectors of our freedom, and we owe them our gratitude. The best way to show gratitude is to continue serving those that need services, to assist them and make sure they get the care they need when they need it. We are proud to have programs such as the NVOP, SER that help on a daily basis and we have chapters with members that volunteer to help when necessary. We wish you nenewed confidence that the work will continue at all levels of our Organization.

With this in mind let us set our agendas for the year and address issues that concern our communities, our state and the nation -- be reminded that we have no shortage of things to do. Besides our local fund raising events, volunteer work, we have our State Conference, National Midyear Conference and our 70th National Conference Celebration in Texas this year. We also need to help and get involved to assure that Mr. Carlos Martinez, President and CEO of the National Veterans Outreach Program (NVOP), a nominee for the Presidential Medal of Freedom receives that award.  He was named, supported and nominated by resolution at our state and National Conference for his long history of 46 continuous years of serving Veterans and their Families.

Also, we must find ways of helping the National Organization raise the necessary funding for the Veterans Day Ceremony in Washington D.C. next November. Listed below is the list of must attend important events to add to your Calendar of Events and how you may be of assistance.

State Conference: Become part of your state organization committee, help with the planning, fundraising, speakers, and site selections. Most importantly plant to attend. Your attendance will give credibility to your sponsors, speakers, and community. The AGIF State conference in Austin, Texas information is published on this website at http://agiftx.com/index.php?page=2018.State.Conference. Download tregistration forms http://agiftx.com/files/2018.State.Registration.Forms.pdf. We urge other state wanting their information published here to send their information to gil@agiftx.com and ask that they include our information on their sites.

National Midyear Conference: The information for this event on this website is temporarily suspended. We will try to give updates on the latest information on this event as it becomes available. Because of contract difficulties with the Hotel, the meeting had to be cancelled and the event postponed. The National office is looking for alternative sites, so we know that the place and the costs will change. Wherever the event is moved, please make plans to attend and help the organization. Please continue to look for updates on this site on this website or contact the National Office directly.

National Conference: This year we will be celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the American GI Forum, born March 26. 1948. The AGIF of Texas, Inc. is hosting this event in San Antonio, Texas. Most of the information is posted on this Texas Website, www.agiftx.org at http://agiftx.com/index.php?page=2018.National.Conference.  You can download registration forms here. Updates will be posted as they become available. A number of sponsors have already made commitments, speakers, moderators, entertainment and special event planning are being finalized and confirmed. Mailers have been and are being developed for website publishing and for mailing. Committee Chairs and agendas and itineraries are also being developed for distribution.

A lot of work is being done, and Texas promises one of the best conferences ever. You will view on this post historical photos of early conferences, and soon you will be able to register directly on-line. So come early and enjoy the old city of San Antonio, visit with friends and reap of the famous Texas Hospitality.

As the event evolves, a lot of update information will be posted and mailed to state commanders and the National Board. If you need information sent directly to you, please send your email address to the state office. Your Email like other personal information the State has will be kept confidential.

Your best opportunity means to help is to get large delegations from your local chapters and state to attend, bring guests and participate. Register, make hotel reservations as soon as you are able (rooms are limited). We will publish a list of additional nearby hotels that are available as the need arises. The National Conference promises you seminars, pane, discussions, full business agenda, special awards, and complete National reports. The Conference Committee promises plenty of great speakers, entertainment, and good Texas hospitality. 

We are grateful and especially thankful for those of you that continue our mission. Because of you, our members, friends, our programs’ staff and affiliates, the American GI Forum is able to continue improving its status in what we do. It is the commitment to this Organization that has allowed us to continue helping veterans and their families to realize the American dream.

Please share concerns and opportunities with us that will help make a positive impact on our mission. Let’s commit to help with these events and our purpose and goals, improve our standing in our communities, with Corporate America and with local, state and national government entities by showing them how the lives of so many are helped through our shared mission and hard work.

Our wish is for each and every one of you to enjoy,  prosper, and have a successful and healthy 2018!  

70th National Conference Information

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