Sheraton Gunter Hotel

New Location for 2021 American GI Forum National Conference in San Antonio

American GI Forum of Texas, Inc. Report: AUSTIN, Texas – The 2021 National Conference is currently still set to start Wednesday, August 11th and end on Saturday August 14. You can make your Sheraton Gunter Hotel reservation by clicking this link: Book your group rate for American GI Forum

Because of a sudden sale of the Wyndham Hotel, we have moved the National Conference a few blocks away. The new location is in the center of the Business Center of San Antonio, and you will enjoy being in the heart of this beautiful city.  The hotel is surrounded with restaurants, shops and the Majestic Theater in across the street from the Hotel. The Gunter Hotel is a famous historical site and is only one short block from the Riverwalk in downtown San Antonio. It is a short walk to the Alamo and the famous Villita. The hotel is a the Center of Everything,” that has the highest standards of a first-rate facility while preserving its historical integrity.

We counted down the seconds for 2020 to end so we could start a new year fresh and with a better sense of normalcy. Now, however, we are well into 2021, and things have not changed all that much. We still face the reality of in-person events being delayed or cancelled, but we are tired of  boring hybrid events and we know that this makes this conference more challenging for attendees while sponsors continue to need more connection points and return on their sponsorship investments. This is why this 2021 Conference has to be in-person and successful. It is up to us to help make this a success by attending and participating.

The leadership of AGIF Texas considered that this conference will be able to be safely held during August or mid-summer 2021. We however, welcome your input to help guide us with attendance to our safely scheduled events that we want to include full assemblies, meetings and sit-down luncheons, receptions and banquets.

Over the next few weeks, months, we will keep you updated with a series of emails providing an in-depth look at changes on events scheduled for this year’s conference. You will also be able to see a tentative Itinerary and agenda that will post any changes on the AGIFTX Website. Registration is set to open March 1. Registrations to the Hotel are now available on site.

Our Conference will get off to a fast and fun start with our annual Technology Breakfast session. Our Registration will start the day before at noon and it may be well worth arriving a little earlier than usual and be available for our Executive Meeting session. This session is what may make it possible for our attendees to achieve a look at the start of our events.

Our conference at the Sheraton Gunter Hotel in San Antonio gives us a setting close to the famous Riverwalk in Downtown San Antonio, the Alamo and historic attractions including la Villita, the Hemis-faire tower and the Alamo Dome Stadium and surrounded with a multitude of  restaurants, boutiques and curious shops. Arriving early will assure attendees of seeing San Antonio without missing out on our quality business and educational sessions or visiting with speakers and our supplier partners at our exhibit booths.

AGIF Texas will be scheduling a tour of our AGIF National Veterans Outreach Program facilities or you may choose to pay a visit to the University of Texas, San Antonio (UTSA) campus located close to the NVOP.

Not only will this conference be informative, but it will be fun, it will be educational, and it will include plenty of meal events. A lot for your registration fee and who knows, the conference might even have a special surprise or two for those who register and joining us for this historic 2021 Conference, a celebration of our 73 years of service to Veterans.


Update From Texas State Commander Ceasar Ruiz

To Commander Romo, the National Board of Directors and interested parties:

I am writing to give you a brief update on the 2021 American GI Forum National Conference in San Antonio, TX. Currently our Texas CEO Mr. Gil Rodriguez and I have been actively working the conference to ensure its success.  At this time, we had the San Antonio Wyndham Riverwalk Hotel booked for the dates of August 11-14 but because of the surprise sale of the Hotel, our new site will be the historical Sheraton Gunter hotel in the heart of downtown.

The necessary move to another Hotel, happened early enough as to not to disrupt or cause concern anyone and because of the tireless diligence of Mr. and Mrs. Rodriguez the hotel has agreed to keep all contractual decisions made with the Wyndham. Parking will change with only valet parking is available for $15 per night. That is a great deal for San Antonio, especially in the heart of the city. The schedules, number of rooms and to dates remain. The Gunter Hotel has been very gracious in accommodating us with our needs as had been agreed.

Mr. Rodriguez and I have also been reaching out to our sponsors for this event, however in full transparency I believe it is fair to say that because of the unique circumstance COVID-19 it is only reasonable to expect some decline in sponsors.  But we remain optimistic.

This is all I have to share for now.  Future details such as conference fees, hotel costs, meals, etc. will be released in timely but expeditious manner.  Please know that these items have all been renegotiated and are similar or improved over last year. Our new web site is up and running and all information will be disseminated accordingly. New Informational Packages are also being prepared for mailing to State Commanders and Chairs.

We in Texas are expecting a successful conference and we cannot wait to have the National delegation as our guests.

Ceasar Ruiz

Commander, American G.I. Forum of Texas