American GI Forum of Texas, Inc. Report: AUSTIN, Texas – The American GI Forum of Texas, Inc. State Commander Ceasar Ruiz has called for the Board of Directors regularly scheduled Fall meeting on Saturday October 30, 2021, 11:30 am to 4:00 pm in San Marcos, Texas. The San Marcos Forum Chapter is hosting the meeting being held at the San Marcos Public Library Meeting Room at 625 East Hopkins Street in San Marcos. For complete information call Jesse Sanchez, meeting coordinator at (512) 665-0881 or Gil Rodriguez at the State Office at: (512) 992-7066. If you plan to arrive Friday, please call Jesse or the State office for hotel information. Some Hotels are close to the library and are on the west side of IH 35. The state did not block off any rooms in any hotel.

Proper Notices were mailed out to all Region and Local Commanders/Chairs. Notice of this meeting has been posted on our website. Any changes of time or location will be sent by email and posted on this site.

National Commander Luis Vazquez Contes have been invited and plan to attend.

The Board meeting will start at 11:30 am Saturday. All State Officers, Region Commanders, Chairwomen and Local Commanders and Chairs must attend. Registration for the meeting is $15.00 per person and includes snacks and refreshments. Lunch will be served, and meeting will conclude at 4:00 pm but not later than 5:00 pm. All local commanders and chairs are urged to attend. The meeting will have a short agenda of important items that must be discussed prior to our next meeting. Items include Finance, Budget, and Corporate Assets, and the election or evaluation of the AGIF Texas CEO. Board travel and some proposed plans are on the agenda.

An agenda will be devoted to addressing our organization’s issues caused by the Pandemic. We will be discussing and finding ways to retain and increase membership, utilize our resources better and how to best continue growing our organization. Of important to all our veterans and families’ new ideas and programs will be introduced for discussion. This short meeting is an in-person meeting and will devote the time to find ways to return to normal after the devastating pandemic.

Everyone present, in good standing and registered, will be permitted to participate in discussions. An agenda will be provided for all attendees.

The next duly called Board meeting is not scheduled until February/March 2022, location TBA before the 2022 the State Conference in June scheduled in Corpus Christi. A National Mid-Year Conference is scheduled for March 2022 in Michigan.

Direction for Meeting site: From I-35S (going south) take exit 205 to Hopkins and go west until you get to Library on right hand side, From I-35N (going north) take exit 205 to Hopkins and go west until you get to Library on right hand side. For more information call:

Jesse Sanchez, Board Meeting Chair

(512) 665-0881