American GI Forum of Texas, Inc. Report: AUSTIN, Texas – State Commander Mario Perales and the State Office will begin its annual conference with the Executive Board of Directors meeting to the opening session of the State Conference on Monday, June 19 at 1;30 pm. The Conference will be hosted by the State Office and the Beatrice T. Perez Robstown Women’s Chapter.

We are happy to have the Beatrice T. Perez Robstown Women’s Chapter headed by Chairwoman Leslie Cristan agreeing to help host and help celebrate this 75th Anniversary of the Forum and appropriately at the Birthplace of the American GI Forum.

Information on registration and Hotel reservations has been sent but is now posted on this site. (Registration Form) It will be an event worthy of attendance. Most local and state dignitaries that have been invited to this celebration have confirmed to be in attendance. We have met with State and local officials and sponsors. A coordinator to assist the Local Chapter and the State Office will be selected. The event is posted, has been emailed, and sent by USPS to all Chapter Commanders and Chairs in good standing.

Plans for business sessions, workshops, luncheons, and banquets are in progress. The Executive Board of Directors and the State Office will meet prior to the meeting and full State Office and Financial Reports will be presented to the Executive Board and later to the General Assembly. We will be discussing other business, resolutions, future meeting, we have copies of the National Constitution that will be distributed to all Commanders and Chairs present. There will not be copies for individual members. Resolutions, membership, Bingos, and programs of importance to veterans and families will be on the agenda.

Everyone present, must be in good standing and registered to be permitted to participate in discussions and voting. Voting strength of each chapter has been prepared and will be mailed to commanders and chairs. An agenda will be provided for all attendees. Committee chairs are being selected and breakouts of the Forum and Women will be scheduled if necessary. Some items such as resolutions discussed and passed will be referred to the National Conference in July.

All nominations for officers and Awards will be done through committee. Registration closes at noon Tuesday, June 20, 2023.

We need Chapters volunteer to host meetings and conferences in the future. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.