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The American GI Forum of Texas, Inc.
2017-2018 State Executive Board of Directors

The 2016 Conference concluded with the installation of 2017-2018 newly elected officers:

Mr. John Martinez, State Commander
Houston Lucian Adams Chapter
Mr. Mario Perales, Vice Commander
Fort Stockton, Chapter
Mr. Justo ‘Howdy’ Leal, 2nd Vice Commander
Port Lavaca, Howdy Leal Chapter
Ms. Myrna Chavarria, Secretary
San Antonio Miguel Hernandez Memorial Chapter
Mr. Gil Rodriguez, State Executive Secretary-Treasurer
Austin Chapter
Mr. Armando Longoria, Sgt-at-Arms
Austin Chapter
Fa. Richard Peña, Chaplain
San Antonio Miguel Hernandez Chapter
Mr. Larry Perez, Immediate Past State Commander
McLellan County Chapter

Mrs. Sylvia Garza, Chairwoman
Sgt. J.P. Nevares Memorial Women
Mrs. Guillerma Morales, Vice Chairwoman
Tarrant County Women
Mrs. Tina Martinez, Secretary
San Felipe Del Rio Women
Mrs. Jeanie Aleman, Treasurer
Greater Houston Women
Ms. Tina L. Olivares, Chairwoman
Corpus Christi Coastal Bend Women

Ms. Laura Herrera, State Youth Chair
Austin Youth Chapter
Mr. Amador Garcia, State Legal Advisor
Corpus Christi Dr. Hector P. Garcia Founder’s Chapter

State Commander
The State Commander is the Executive head of The American GI Forum of Texas Inc. and together with the executive board has power to enforce provisions of the Forum’s constitution, bylaws and resolutions of the governing body, the state convention, which meets each year to set policy for the organization. The State Commander serves a one-year term, along with the Executive Board of Directors they are elected annually.

State Executive Board and Constitutional Officers
In addition to the State Commander and 2 Vice Commanders, Secretary, Sgt-at Arms, 4 constitutional officers appointed annually by the commander. They are: Chaplain, Legal Advisor, Parliamentarian and a Veteran Service Office. The Executive Board Officers elected by the state conference take office upon adjournment and serve until the end of the next conference. The immediate Past Commander and Past Chairwoman are considered board members; they can join debate on issues and have a vote. The American GI Forum of Texas Inc. consists of anywhere from 40 to 44 Chapters in Texas.

State Office - CEO (Formerly Executive Secretary-Treasurer)
The state office is located at 1000 Brazos, suite 200, Austin, Texas 78701. The office maintains all records, financial and administrative. A list of all Chapters, their officers, addresses, phone numbers and e-mails is kept by the Executive Officer. The CEO is selected by the Board of Directors and has the Administrative power, responsible for drafting an annual budget, approving contracts and signing off on State spending. The CEO as the Chief Executive Officer is also responsible for maintaining and updating the AGIF State of Texas Website.

The budget is presented each year to the Budget Committee at a yearly meeting following the State Conference and held at the State Office for their approval and to the entire board for ratification and their approval. The Budget Committee is composed of all elected officers. Each officer is provided a budgeted travel allowance as approved. A budget for capital equipment, software, office supplies, and contingencies is included.

State Financial records are kept and backed up in the office official computer. A Finance report is presented at each Board meeting and at the State Conference. Rosters of all chapters, members and personnel files are kept and are available only when authorized by the board of directors. Financial records are kept with access provided to all authorized members in good standing. Internal Audits may be performed every other year or as deemed necessary by the Commander and the Executive Board. A CPC firm may conduct a review of the audit whenever the entire Board of Directors makes that request. The books are always open for inspection and may be requested by any member in good standing.

The state office provides needed help to all chapters up to and including planning and executing state conferences and board meetings.

The CEO is a delegate with full voting power during the Forum’s fall and spring meetings and during the state conference. In short, the CEO serves as the organization’s Chief Administrator.

American GI Forum Women & Youth
Founded in 1948 as a Family Veterans Organization. The Women’s Forum has members from all walks of life. The women administer volunteer programs, dedicate hours to its communities and to veterans, and raise money to support its own programs, as well as other worthwhile charities familiar to Americans. They assist with leadership training of the Forum’s Youth that is very much a part of the State Organization. The Women officers are also members of the State Executive Board of Directors as is the Youth Chair. The women and youth are voting delegates at all gatherings of the AGIF.

State Board of Directors
While originally organized to expand The American GI Forum, the Regional Commanders, Chairs serve as members of the Board of Directors and must abide by the rules, motions and resolutions duly passed by the Conference or a duly called Board of Directors meeting. Each of 6 Regions selects a Commander, Chairwoman and Youth Chair to represent the chapters in their region at 3 Board of Directors Meetings yearly. They may elect other officers as needed at their yearly meetings. They also present resolutions, motions and ideas pertinent to their respective regions. These are presented to the body of delegates at each State Conference.

The State Conference
The AGIF of Texas, Inc. annual meeting, a two and a half day event, is the known as the State Conference and is the supreme ruling body of the organization. Local chapters bid to hold the State Conference two years in advance. Each of the Forum’s duly formed Chapters is entitled to a minimum of four voting delegates to the state conference. A chapter will be granted one extra delegate, a member in good standing, for each additional 10 members. All delegates must be present to vote.

30 days prior to the conference the Executive Secretary-Treasurer provides each chapter with their voting strength. The annually elected Executive Board rounds out the group of delegates present. The state conference delegates alone have the authority to approve changes to the AGIF of Texas Inc. and the American GI Forum of the U.S. constitution and bylaws. It is also responsible for passing programs that determine the course of the Forum, setting dues, assessments and fees for the upcoming year, and proposing resolutions and goals to the national conference.

Family Patriotic Organization
The three entities make the American GI Forum a family patriotic service organization. Through chapters located in 40 states and Puerto Rico, the American GI Form of the U.S. embodies the spirit of America that has prevailed through war and peace. The Texas group, American GI Forum of Texas Inc., is truly an American Patriotic Family Organization and stands behind America and her ideals.

 2016-17 National Forum Executive Board Officers 

National Forum Executive Board Officers

Mr. Angel Zuniga, National Commander – Texas
Mr. Michael Faye,  National Vice Commander – Michigan
Mr. Russell Lopez – National Secretary - Colorado
Mr. Ernesto Montoya, National Treasurer – Colorado
Mr. Jesse Aguilera, National Sgt-at-Arms – Texas 
Mr. Luis Vazquez Contes, Past National Commander – Colorado

National Women’s Forum Executive Board Officers

Ms. Felicita Lugo, National Chairwoman – Detroit, MI
Ms.  Debbie Salazar, National Vice Chairwoman – Denver, CO
Mrs. Kathy Clenin, National Women's Secretary –  Denver, CO
Mrs. Jeanie Aleman, National Women's Treasurer - Houston, TX
Mrs. Alicia Rodriguez, Past National Chairwoman – Ulysses, KS

National Youth Forum Executive Board Member

Jasmine Vigil, National Youth Chair – Michigan

Below is the Address of the National Office and dues information for the American GI Forum of the United States National Office.

AGIF National Office
635 W, Corona Anenue, Suite 114
Pueblo, CO 81004
Office Phone: 719-299-4838

For any further assistance contact the AGIF National Treasurer:
Ernesto L. Montoya at: 719-201-0912
Email Address: ernestolmontoya@aol.com

Re: Transmittal and Charter Dues:

Please Follow The AGIF U.S. Constitution during submission of a new AGIF Chapters for issuance of a Charter.

The fees for charters Are:

  • Forum: $25.00
  • Women: $20.00
  • Youth: $15.00
  • Late Charter Fees after January 31: $10 per chapter per month

AGIF Memberships dues for Chapters vary within each State and/or Region.

For New Information and changes you may acquire Information at anytime at the following Websites:  www.agiftx.org |www.agifco.org
















2013 State Conference, Houston, Texas

Our State Conference, held in Houston, Texas on June 6-8, 2013, was a great success. It was well attended and the State’s business was conducted. Our thanks to the Lucian Adams Chapter and the Greater Houston Women’s Chapter, and Mr. Mitch Contreras, Local Commander and the Conference Chairman. We had a number of speakers addressing the delegates which included Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, Congressmen Al Green and Gene Green, Brig. Gen. Joe Ramirez, Jr., Ms. Yolanda Suarez, NVOP, Dr. Thomas H. Kreneck, Judge Josefina Rendon, and Minerva Perez, MC, Presenters Johnny N. Mata and Justo L. Garcia. The luncheons, banquet and receptions were all excellent. Additional information and pictures may be viewed on this site. Our newly elected officers have been e-mailed to local commanders and chairs and will be mailed to those without e-mail. The State Office issued a press release and has sent a list of our new officers to our State Legislators’ offices at the capitol in Austin and to our State Congressional Delegation’s Texas offices. Commander Mitch Rendon, Chapter Commander and Mrs. Lily D. Contreas, Greater Houston Chairwoman and the committee and chapter members were excellent hosts to our guests, sponsors, legislators and local officials. 

On behalf of the State, the members and new officers, our sincere thanks to Mr. Danny Delgado who has served as our State Sgt-at-Arm and decided to step down. He and the Board have our sincere thanks and appreciation for their service. Mr. John Martinez from Houston was reelected State commander, Mr. Ceasar Ruiz from Pflugerville remained our 1st Vice Commander and Justo ‘Howdy’ Leal from Port Lavaca is still 2nd Vice Commander. Paul Herrera, remained as State Secretary; Roy Reyes was elected to replace outgoing Danny Delgado as Sgt-at-Arms and Father Peña remains our State Chaplain. The Forum Women chose to stay with their existing Board. Stephanie Lefthand remains as our State Youth Chair and is also our National Youth Chair. 

Take time to view our photos from the conference on this web site. We updating our Legends Banner and are available to anyone wanting one. Call the State office for details. If

you have a photo of yourself or your loved one in uniform, we will keep updating our Military Heroes with pictures as we get them. 

Take time to view our photos from the conference on this web site. We are updating our Legends Banner. If you have a photo of yourself or your loved one in uniform, we will keep updating our Military Heroes with pictures as we get them.

2013 State Conference Photos


2012 State Conference Photos